What is Event Trading ?

Event trading is an entirely new category of trading, where users can trade on sports and political events  These are not stocks, but rather events with live prices, This means investing in your favorite cricket team could pay off; if they win, then you do too.

What is Tenet ?

It is a market platform for trading on probabilities of future events. Trade your opinion of a future event – from sports and politics to business outcomes.

Why my trade go unmatched ?

Matching happens when there is opposing trade on the event. It is suggested to check available matches before trading at a particular price.

Is KYC verification compulsory ?

In order to transfer the amount from Tenet wallet to your bank account, RBI has mandated to have KYC of the user.

How it is different from speculation ?

On the Tenet platform, you can pre-commit to a position on a topic and get rewarded if you were correct. You are pitted against another participant who has access to similar information, making the competition fair and avoiding any unfair advantages.

Event is closed but I do not see my winnings?

It may take 1~24 hours for an event to get settled after it is closed for trading. Once event is settled you will see your winnings in wallet.

Are events listed by Tenet or users?

All our events follow legal guidelines and created by Tenet employees. We trying to find out suitable way for our users to create events.